Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Bye?

This might be goodbye. I don't feel it anymore. It's as if I have nothing more to say. I find less and less reasons to get out of bead. And no, it's not depression, but I am afraid that if I get sucked into cyberspace once more, it might just become that.

I borrowed the photo from my cousins blog, cause it looks kind of like how I feel at the moment!

I tried to go away once, and it didn't work - just couldn't stay away. Having the need to tell everybody that I am going away, probably will spell out failure again, but what can I do? I'm just being me.

If I don't come back, bare in mind that I had a great time with you, my lovely friends, sharing thoughts and photos and such. If I manage to stay away, I will miss you. Hugs!


IrisCairo said...

Sometimes, words come out of our mouth in a instant moment, result of emotions we experience. I just want to say to you, that wherever you go, follow your heart. I'll miss reading you, however. Sorry my english.

Celina Huang said...

Yes, sometimes life feel tough. It is up and down though, so surely you´ll find some way up again, specially when you seem to feel for some changes, some longing for new invironment. We believe that in my culture too. Some changes at home or meeting new people gives luck and new possibilities. Anyway, whatever you decide, just follow your inner instinct and desire. And remember,our life is how we think, so remember you´re a wonderful person and so lots of people care for you, even strangers.
many hugs

ЛУДА ГЛАВА said...

come oooon =))))))

it`s just aanother PMS hitting you storng =))

Lluvia said...

Lumi, I have felt like leaving the blog, too. Please don't.

Lluvia said...

Lumi, I have missed you. It is good that you got away for a while. This week, I did, and I met a couple of rather interesting people. I have a story for you if you still like stories. Your friend, Lluvia

Norberto M. Tavares da Silva said...

Thank you for your comment to my blog "Maputo (Lourenço Marques anos 60 e 70)".I´m glad you like it.
Now, about your blog let me tell you that is very interesting. Don´t feel like that. Don´t worry, be happy, like the song sais.I´m sure you will be.
Best regards
P.S.By the way, do you undertand portuguese?

Anonymous said...

love it babe, follow me okeyy ;)

Margot said...

Very nice fhoto.
Happy weekend.

yoshimi said...

Are you OK?

Lluvia said...

Hi, Lumi. Just wanted to see how are you. Lluvia

Two Ways... said...


Have a nice week!!


Débora Cristina Vasconcelos said...

Afinal, você é brasileiro ou não? rsrsrs

Lindas fotos!


Scratch said...


Two Ways said...

Beautiful photo, but the words are sad... but wonderful...

i stay u are ok!


Two Ways said...


Passando para desejar uma semana excelente!
P.S.: Recebi um selo e estou repassando ao teu blog.
Espero que Goste!


BeeMouNTaiN said...

do not despair, keep the spirit

Norberto M. Tavares da Silva said...

I'm sorry you're so far from me, because I think if you were to become close to us were we friends, despite our age difference, (because you're a girl and I in the autumn of life). I say this because I read you in your blogs and seems to me you is a good company and should be very interesting to talk with you.

Norberto M. Tavares da Silva said...

Вие Luminata е човек со добра и култура има талент.

I did this sentence in your language through the google translator. I hope it is correct.

Norberto M. Tavares da Silva said...

Вие Luminata е добра млада жена, со талент и култура

I did this sentence through the google tranlator.I hope now is correct,because the previous one was wrong tranlated.Sorry my english, but I think I can myself uderstood.

karmatik said...

How is everythig going on Lumi?

Solange said...

Hi Lumi, I know you must be kidding me :). My photos are terrible. You should try to paiting, I love. If always we do the same things, we have the same results. So change something to take others results. Be happy.
Kisses end hugs

Tio Celso said...

Your Blog is great but i don't speak english...i am brasilian(portuguese) and speak italian blog!Celso Ferrari