Friday, January 16, 2009

My mountain trip!

My first post from home. This is a big moment for me. I didn't prepare a speech or anything, so I'll just thank all the friends that I met in thees short few days since I decided to start bloging. Without your support, I would have given up, probably the first day. But... 4 days later, and we are still here. Cheers. :)

This is a photo of me, on september 7th, at the beginning of the climb on mount Korab, to the highest peak in Macedonia, Big Korab at 2754 meters above sea level. The midlle fingers are not for you, don't worry, they are ment for my cousin who took the picture and was giving me a hard time, because I was supposedly walking too slow. It's not my folt he was running up hill. Freak! :D

I didn't make it to the top though. I stopped for a conversation with a boy, some 50 meters below the peak! Luckily, that conversation hasn't finished to this day. :D


XxDavixX said...

Hello! =D
I received your message =P
OMG nice photo *-*, Macedonia? I never went to Macedonia ._.. But, it seems to be a cool place xD. Hey, take a look at my blog, if you understand anything in portuguese =P
kisses ;**

Luminata said...

Oh, there is tons of photos from the climb. You are welcomed to come next year, it is traditionally done around September 8 (Independence Day). :) And I'll take a look, but I don't understand the language. :/

Music Tv said...

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Luminata said...

Thanks. Hugs. :)

Leslie Kirk said...

Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed your photos thus far - definitely keep it up!

:) Feel free to stop by anytime. Are you interested in gardening?

Luminata said...

Now that you mentioned it, I have some gardening, or better yet yard arranging photos as well! :) I'll post them in some of the next posts. :)

Letícia Andressa Gumz said...

hii, my english is very bad, uhauahua, welcome to the blogger.

MUD said...

Please continue with how you feel about life. I do not treat fools gladly. I tend to be critical of the stupid unless it is just something you have done and know better. I love a good laugh and a good joke. MUD

Zhiying said...

I love you blog! It's filled much such great photos :D I wonder how you found my blog. haha. Nice to meet you~

*FridaWer* said...

Heiii CIAO!!
Thanks for the visit...very nice your blog!
See soon
ciao ciao

P.S.I'm add your bolg in my list ;)

Vnukot said...

I can swear that I got up to the top of that mountain! :D

Carlos "Charlie" Prodigalidad said...

First, thanks for visiting my blog site. Just like you, I also new to blogging, just started before the yr 2008 ends.
Second, I want to ask, was the mountain hiking a hobby or it's a part of what you should be doing...maybe for school or for work? I kind of envy you. Me, my preference is city jogging. I just feel sad you did not make it to the top..
Lastly, come & check my site every now and then. I got so many things I like to write about "anything". That's why I called it"The Changing Times" we grew older every minute, a lot of changes can really happen & what I write are those experiences I have...good or bad...happy or sad! Thanks again, & good luck to us "kiddie bloggers".

Luminata said...

Thanks for the visits people! :)

Carlos, I have never done anything just because I had to. I do stuff that I want. And physical activity is the best. :)

infinitoaldoluiz said...

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Lorraine said...

You went up the mountains, you made a friend and (I hope) you took photos, what a great day for you! ;)

infinitoaldoluiz said...

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natureza na mão said...

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puadi said...

yeahh nice blog......come on saw your face.....
keep clean! honey

BodrumSibel said...

such a nice spor. I like climbing.

I used to do this. but now anymore.:(

İ wish i clould start again..

puadi said...

hy.. luminata... maybe we can share the information... some like garden or plant... maybe we can chat together anytime.. on YM my id kuya_bageur thanks before

ENSASKE said...

Veny nice photo! i like your blog =P