Monday, March 23, 2009

A Contraption

The snow melted. Finally! It made my day. But in the meanwhile I was looking at some pictures of Struga, taken this winter, when there was no snow, but was cold as hell!

I remembered this strange contraption in the front yard of the hospital. I was wondering then, and I am still wondering what the hell is it used for?

Also, I tried to write. Some bad poetry, of course. Here is my first poem "If There Was a Day"


DEDO ISUSE said...

say what? m? m?


Vnukot said...

It's probably for picking up alien signals! =))

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Anonymous said...

The Vardar brings the vardarec and the cold air that does not prevent the beauty of the landscape of Skopje!!

Brrrr!!! When it is cold, it is cold. But the hell is elsewhere!

I.V. said...

I think it's a weather monitoring contraption of some kind!

Fosk said...

thanks girl!